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Pag outdoor activities

... Through Pag Outdoor activities that include cycling, running, walking, rock climbing, kayaking and many others, you can explore the landscape of the lunar island on the one hand and the green oasis of Novalja field on the other ...


Bicycle paths stretch along the entire island of Pag, connecting many villages. The hinterland of Novalja  is criss-crossed with extensive bicycle trails that pass between the numerous vineyards and through the rocky landscape by the sea. Cycling along these trails in peace and quiet, you'll experience island of Pag in a unique way.


Among the numerous trails on the island of Pag, the Life on Mars trail stands out, as well as the hiking trails Sv. Anton, Novaljsko polje, Svetojanj, Pag triangle and Kozje berdo. One of the most beautiful trails in Croatia "Life on Mars" has been officially opened in 2019 for all visitors all year round.


Lovers of rock climbing can climb the steep parts of the peak of Sv. Vid and the rocks above the Ručica beach in the north-west part of Pag Bay (at Zamak and Stogaj near Metajna). Special climbing markers are placed at these sites.


The Bay of Pag is a real gem of the island of Pag surrounded by small fishing villages that give it a special charm. A one-day cruise on the Bay of Pag includes many activities for children and adults through which they will discover the many sandy beaches. The special feature of this bay is the cave where visitors can experience the magic of swimming within the rocks of Pag.


Another way to explore Pag Bay is sea kayaking. The atmosphere of the lunar landscape of Pag Bay will delight you with its overwhelming contrast of the blue skies and sea and the white stone.


One of the most famous cheeses in the world is from the Croatian Island of Pag. It is made exclusively from the milk of the indigenous sheep of Pag. When the winds blowing off the Velebit massif sprinkle sea salt over the local vegetation, the Pag sheep, feeding on these salted plants and medicinal herbs, produce milk with a very unique flavour and aroma.  It is protected by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia and carries the label “Croatian Creation”.